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According To Forbes Magazine, Most Millionaires have Come From a Background Who have their Own Property and They Use it Wisely. In Real Estate Rich People Broadly Invest 2 ways-
Flipping- Buy Property when Market Rate is Down and Sold at Higher Price in few years Mean 10-25% Higher Rate.

For Example- a Land Where only Garbage and Nobody want to buy it, But an Intelligent Property Dealer Comes and Buy the land at a Low Price and Makes some Investment to Clean the Land.
and Boundary the property and Sell property at a 25% higher price. But this is a One Time Payment.
Hold- The Intelligent Property Investor is not sold their Property, they Hold it and Make passive rental Income from their Property.
Let's Take an Example Buy a Property and Build a Structure on it and Give the Rooms at Fixed Monthly Rent. Year Wise year you can Increase the Rent and the Price of Property is also Increases Means your Wealth is Also Increases and Every month you get a rental Income.
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